In roughly 1973, when I was around the age of 13 or so, my father the map maker had my family living for six months in Blackfoot Idaho.

I was spending a moonless night 'urban camping' in the back yard of my only friend in this town, and we had our sleeping bags out in the back yard, under the stars. As we finally settled down to try to sleep, my friend became excited and exclaimed that I should look quickly, that there was a UFO in the sky. I was skeptical and refused to be fooled. Suddenly his voice became terribly serious, and he stated that if I failed to heed him, I would regret it forever. This was an unusual tone for a young person to take, so I looked. Then I stood up and really took stock of what I saw.

Below is illustrated, as perfectly as I can, the thing I saw. It was the size of my thumbnail against the stars (I deliberately measured it with my hand), held at arms length. All illumination of the object came from the yellow-white street lights of the surrounding city. The object was absolutely silent, and glided across the sky without any variation in speed. The object appeared to be made of some dull light gray, slightly grainy textured material, and had no windows, lights, seams, or any other marking whatsoever. It might have been made of granite for all I know. It was silent, had no glow or interesting effects or anything else remarkable to it's appearance, other than being a rounded, perfect shape, moving gracefully against the sky. It seemed solid, and seemed as though it would be hard, from the way it reflected the city lights. I have no beliefs about what it may have been. I can only describe what I saw, which was unlike anything else I have ever seen in my life, includiing unusual aircraft such as flying wings and stealth planes. It was not such an unusual aeroplane or jet, I am very reasonably certain.

The object suddenly changed direction, roughly 90 degrees, a right angle, without veering, cornering or moved impossibly, like a sprite in a video game, defying the laws of physics. One moment is was moving in a straight line, then the next instant it was moving at a right angle to it's original direction of travel. The object cared nothing for any particular facing, and was the same whether a flat side, or a pointed side, was at the forward position to it's direction of travel. It was perfectly, equilaterally triangular, curved and rounded all over, and had a dome shaped underportion that smoothly, seamlessly protruded. It moved reasonably quickly, faster than an aeroplane, but slower than a jet plane. It was impossible for me to tell the size or the distance of it.

The object glided behind some trees and wires briefly, before I saw it depart beyond my view, blocked by the surrounding buildings. The whole experience took around two minutes from the time I started looking, to the time it passed from my ability to see it further.

Here is, as exactly as I can illustrate it, what I saw:


If you have seen this object, if you know anything about it, please contact me. I have wondered about whatever this thing was my entire life.