Special Letters

This is a section for Special Letters from Special People.

Wherein can be found the FULL texts of actual letters written to me, and my answers in return. These letters are of a special type, and thus are addressed in this devoted area. However, because I am kind, I shall censor out the names and addresses of those who have written to me.

Why the Special Letters?

I recieve....many....such letters, and the sheer volume of them all, as well as the incredible similarity of them, finally has overwhelmed me. All the hundreds of letters (1537, as of July 13, 1999) are all about the same basic thing. In fact, I have yet to recieve a single letter of this type that does not share the 'common element'. Not one!

You will see what I mean.

You can write to me, too!

These are the Special Letters

A Christian writes to ask me to give up my hatred against god
A  Pastor writes regarding my 'Western Humanist Anti-Christian Movement' conspiracy
A great sage tries to enlighten me