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Here can be found the anonymous texts of actual letters written to me, and my answers in return. The letters are presented as a rather loose, ongoing continuous dialogue between a hypothetical questioner, and myself. Most every standard question about transsexuality is answered in here.

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Letters Volume Thirty-Five

The Dangerous Predator Of Transsexuals
I Get Utterly Snarky With A Conflicted Religious Nutter


Letters Volume Thirty-Four

Perhaps My Most Difficult Letter, Ever.
A College Student Asks Religious Questions
Safe Sex For Transsexuals
On the hiring of Transsexual employees, in small business, in small places


Letters Volume Thirty-Three

A guy trapped in the body of a man?
A lesbian with a girlfriend who has a penis...what IS the proper label?
Hopeful Possibilities for the Genders Inbetween!


Letters Volume Thirty-Two

What are the ideal female proportions?
I've got no effect after a year and a half on estrogen!
Transsexual or Fetishist; what am I?
I'm in a stuck place. Any advice on how to get started?
Was it difficult finding a job after your surgery?
Do people ever harass you nowadays, other than online?
Do you ever wonder what life would be like if you were a man?
Help for the spouse/lover of the newly-awakened transsexual?


Letters Volume Thirty-One

A complaint on the issue of transsexual disclosure in dating
Why would a MTF transsexual who likes women want to have surgery?
Can a transsexual claim to think and be what they claim to be?
Any general advice on telling my parents?
Do hormones change your sexual preferences?
What the heck are she-males and she-male porn all about?


Letters Volume Thirty

How To Deal With Our Lost Childhoods
Why can't FTM and MTF transsexuals just trade their body parts?
How do I conquer my fears?
The proper path of Transition
Growing breasts even if one is not transsexual
The risks of appearing feminine in a school environment
I wish I was strong like you
Can someone be transsexual who does NOT want surgery?


Letters Volume Twenty-Nine

Sore Tee-Tees !
Why do some people keep the label of being 'transsexuals' ?
Guilt and Purging
The Last Word On Autogynephilia
Severe Post-Transition Depression
How To Deal With Our Lost Childhoods


Letters Volume Twenty-Eight

Hormones  made me not care about dressing up, am I still a TS?
Is it possible to be a transsexual and STILL have a fetish for clothing?
Definitions, Definitions!


Letters Volume Twenty-Seven

My Femininity is Questioned
For the potential boyfriend of a TS, just how good is the surgery, anyway?
I am 19 and I am scared about many things
Hormones  made me not care about dressing up, am I still a TS?

Letters Volume Twenty-Six:

How to grasp transsexuals and masturbation: a hands-on approach
Confused about what exactly to 'be' in the world
Can a man stay male and have sex-change surgery?
A woman asks about her Female-To-Male boyfriend

 Letters Volume Twenty-Five:

Concerns about the hands and feet
The April 1st parody inspires reflection on how insults can be defused
A general overview of the COGIATI results is presented

 Letters Volume Twenty-Four:

All about 'Two-Spirits' and Transsexuality
When transsexuality is a legitimate disability
Is the Catholic Church acting nicer towards the genderqueer?
Issues for the wife of the MTF transsexual explored
Can progesterone affect emotions?

 Letters Volume Twenty-Three:

Transsexual bigotry against the 'transgendered' explained
I am 18, transsexual, and mom will not listen!
Options for the hopelessly unpassable transsexual

 Letters Volume Twenty-Two:

The basic overview of going through transition and surgery.
The second puberty of hormone replacement can't be a real puberty..can it?
Carefully judge your doctors!

 Letters Volume Twenty-One:

The really succinct answer to the transsexual question...
The methodology of 'Tucking'....once again.
A letter from the 'Everytrannie', of age 20 -the definitive example of the Big Question
A bright 17 year old asks the tough questions!
How big should my penis be for penile inversion?

 Letters Volume Twenty:

How can I stop being transsexual to protect my boys?
Three questions about fat, breast size, and flesh for surgery
The very saddest poor bastard writes in...a cautionary letter you should read.

 Letters Volume Nineteen:

The most common complaint about the COGIATI addressed
What about transsexuals that seemingly change sexual orientation after transition?
What about those who claim they are 'totally heterosexual'?
Why do they make it so darn difficult to be transsexual or to be gay?

 Letters Volume Eighteen:

 When should I transition?
Dispelling some myths about transsexuals
The success rate for transition, and the biases out there
How are you supposed to know if you are transsexual and not just messed up?
The greatest secret of passing, revealed yet again...
The Big Golden Story of How Hormones Work and the Fuss Thereto

 Letters Volume Seventeen:

The issues of children dealing with transgendered relatives
An example of the most important part of 'Passing' in action
The universal 14 year old who needs most difficult letter to answer
All about 'Tucking'...hiding the genitals for the pre surgical folk

 Letters Volume Sixteen:

Winner of my personal 1999 "Weirdest Letter Award": Topless TG's and the Law
I am asked to define 'Heterosexual' in context to all of this
Is Transsexuality a form of escapism?
Cheating on the COGIATI test?
Surgery as 'mutilation'?
well i know this person and i think she or he is one how will i be able to tell

Letters Volume Fifteen:

Some questions about Jennifer, and the nature of 'love' itself.
Was it worth it?
Did I experience a 'female' orgasm?
How can I be sure I am a transsexual?
What are the risks of 'tucking' the genitals to hide them?
Why don't you advise storing sperm prior to surgery more?

Letters Volume Fourteen:

How do you cope with the conflicts between religion and transsexuality?
Feeling 'Outed' when I just want to fit in...
Feeling suppressed by keeping my transsexuality hidden
Worrying about being 'Spotted'
Why do I feel that being transsexual is evil?

Letters Volume Thirteen:

How to define transsexuality in animals
I am 21 and transsexual, I have many questions...
Physically I 'Pass', but yet I often I feel I do not, Help!

Letters Volume Twelve:

I told my parents and now I am in danger, help me Jennifer!
All about 'herbal estrogens'
I am stuck between wanting to love a woman, and being a woman?!?
Why don't I have a choice in being transsexual?
How accurate is the COGIATI?

Letters Volume Eleven:

I need a crash course in passing!
What transgenderists are all about.
What about urination after it a problem?
Counceling INSTEAD of transition...what happens then?

Letters Volume Ten:

How do I deal with my grandfather about being transsexual?
I am a family man, yet I have gender issues. What should I do?
I know my online friend's TS secret, how do I tell them?
My parents are very religious and I am afraid of them finding out!
What is up with this COGIATI thing, anyway?

Letters Volume Nine:

I am 15 and transsexual. What do I do?
Can I live as a Transgenderist?
What happens to muscles under estrogen?
How do you tell someone you are a transsexual?

Letters Volume Eight:

What is the danger of taking hormones?
Define 'Shemales' to me?
Will my relationships survive my transsexuality?
I am 17, on black market hormones, and worried!

Letters Volume Seven:

How can I cope with being TS?
My friend is a loser. How can I help?
Why is transgender stuff almost always about the Male-To-Female side?

Letters Volume Six:

 How can I help my reclusive transsexual friend?
I may be an atypical transsexual and I don't know what to think
Looking for a safer place to live!
Why don't they remove the prostate in reassignment surgery?
Three little questions..perhaps the most important three!

Letters Volume Five:

How can I remove facial hair without getting a pitted face?
The failure of reproduction as the definition of a woman
How can I "accidentally" lose my penis so my parents won't be mad?
I am taking non-prescription hormones JUST LIKE YOU SAID! (HUH???)
Living as a woman without hormones or surgery
What are the differences between TS, TV, and TG?

  Letters Volume Four:

  What is the difference between a Transsexual, and a Transvestite?
I prefer transsexuals - why don't they prefer me?
I want a baby, and I am jealous of the power of birth!
'Shemales' and the Transsexual
What happened after your transition story? Any advice on Coming Out?
How do I get my breasts to grow?

  Letters Volume Three:

What is the incidence of children who become Dysphoric at age 6-9?
How many young boys get surgery?
I dare not seek help, I have little choice in the matter!
 I am a bit of a 'Tom Boy'. Can I still go through transition?
I am afraid I will lose my friends if I tell them I'm transsexual!
I went on hormones...and I feel better!
Do you really feel the affects of the hormones?
Reassignment at age 60?
 What other options exist than full transition?
 How can you identify as female if you are attracted to women?
Too late for hormones to work?
Help me NOT be a FTM transsexual anymore!
Stuck in Utah, COGIATI accuracy, masturbation fantasies, and what to do?

  Letters Volume Two:

 Reversing hormone effects?
Suicide is on my mind?
The COGIATI for Sex Preference???
How can I tell my mother I am TS and not hurt her?
If I have surgery, am I stealing grandchildren from my mother?
What about the options not involving complete transition?
I am a woman trapped inside and DEATH IS THE ONLY WAY OUT
I had lumps in my breasts at age 14!
What about Post-Op orgasms?
What's up with the research into the cause of transsexuality?
I am scared to do anything. What should I do?
 I am only 12, I am in a GID program, HELP!
What are your feelings on transsexuality and spirituality?
Could DES have made me transsexual?

Letters Volume One:

Late onset transsexualism
Validity of transsexual advantages ?
Emotional fluxing under hormone therapy
Transsexuals passing on their genes ?
Avoiding transition for the sake of others ?
Transsexuals as religious abominations ?
Being torn apart emotionally !
How to assert yourself to face things
Is it normal for a MTF to want sex with a man ?
Are we still transsexuals after surgery ?
Savoring transition even when it is difficult
The curious gift of youth we gain
Am I a FTM gay man?
Am I a transsexual because of THESE feelings?
I tested as a COGIATI androgyne,  what does this mean?
Is a doctor REALLY necessary for getting estrogens?
The myths of 'giving' and 'receiving': Gay 101
Early gay experiences?
Gay or straight? You make the call!
 The Last Word On The COGIATI
My statement to those who have a problem with the test. 

samplings from the less happy side of my mailbox

Special Guest Correspondences:

These are letters, and their responses,
sent to me by supporters of this site.
I am proud to include them because of their useful
and worthy content.

 Scholar Ina Shook replies to a Fancier of Transsexuals.
A friend tells us a tale of uplifting acceptance!

Jenny Browne tells of A Tale of Coming Out, and the benefits therein.
A first hand account of learning via hormone experimentation.

Jenny Browne's First experience with a gender group meeting.
Coming out a little too late!

Special Guest Essays:

"I Know A Transsexual" By Stephen Lepisto

"I Was A Teenage Jerry Springer Guest!!!" By Ina Shook